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Welcome to the newest and the most efficient free people search system!

Data is everywhere. Phone numbers, public records, and social media profiles – combined and properly analyzed, all this scattered information can give you a full and broad picture of practically any person. This is what Boddy presents you – a people search tool based upon a unique and accurate database. If you were looking for a free and convenient way to find people or get an insight into someone you already know, then it is time to start using Boddy free people search tool.

Do background checks

Do background checks

Safety is always important. Whether someone has recently moved into your neighborhood or there are new people in your circle of friends, you might feel a need to get some idea of what they are like. With Boddy's free search people engine, you can gather rather extensive data based on as little as a phone number, an address, or email.

Search people to reunite

Search people to reunite

The longer we live, the more people we lose touch with. We offer you an opportunity to reunite with your former colleagues, schoolmates, and friends. Searching for information with us is easy and convenient. Find people by name, their old address, or email. Sometimes you need literally one small piece of information to reunite with people you miss.

No more enigmatic phone calls

No more enigmatic phone calls

Missed calls from unknown phone numbers might be frustrating. Reverse phone search is an excellent free tool that allows you to eliminate unwanted conversations or find out if the call you have missed was from someone you really want to talk with. Phone numbers don’t need to puzzle or stress you. Boddy people search platform makes the world a clearer place for you.

How to make your search more fruitful

In some cases, it is possible for you to find a person based just on their name. However, searching for people might be more complex, so by adding some additional details like phone number, address or email, a city they used to live in, or a company they used to work for, you considerably improve the chances to get a successful report.


Abby White

Abby White


Last month during a daily briefing a missed a call from a phone number a failed to recognize. I checked it by Boddy and it turned out to belong to my former roommate Fiona. We haven’t seen each other for ages! So lucky she kept my number. We met and had a wonderful time.

Jack Miller

Jack Miller


My aunt moved to a different state a long time ago. Some time ago, I started looking for her, but none of my relatives seemed to know anything. A tried the Boddy search by name tool and it worked. Amazing how easy it might be to find people today.

Lucy Jackson

Lucy Jackson

New Jersey

I used to move around the country a lot during middle school. It wasn’t always easy to keep in contact those days. And now, preparing for my wedding, I realized I wanted to see some of my former friends at the ceremony. I found most of them with Boddy. I can only imagine how much time I could have wasted looking for them through mutual friends.

Thomas Clark

Thomas Clark


I use Boddy for my dating life quite frequently. Search by name works, but the address or email gives you more information. With online dating, it is impossible to find people you can immediately trust, sometimes background check is crucial.

Find People Online Free and Fast: FAQ

Now that you know what an online people search tool can do, you must have some questions about them. Before you start using these search engines to find people for free, it's important to have complete clarity about them.

How do you find someone with very little information?

People search tools can help you find a person even with very little information. The information that you enter is cross-checked against various public databases and national data agency records. This helps the tool narrow down the search and show you options that contain the results you are looking for.

People search tools use multiple parameters such as street address, registered properties, and businesses. It allows the tool to find the best matches to your query.

How can I find people by name?

The process of finding a person by name is fairly simple. You need to sign up on the people search tool. Next, you run a search on the tool website by the person's name. The tool will run the search across different databases and show you results of people having the same name. Next, you need to look at your pictures to identify the right person.

You can also view their other details like location, contact details, and business information to understand which is the right person.

How can I find someone's address by their name?

Using a people search tool allows you to view their complete details, including address and contact details. All you need to do is, run a search with the person's name and choose the right person from the search results. The tool brings out the person's resident address based on information obtained from public records.

Can I find people by phone number?

Are you wondering how to find people by phone number? People search tools allow you to do that. This is particularly useful when verifying unknown numbers. The tool will fetch complete details related to the registered user for that phone number. Searching phone numbers helps you avoid thefts and scams.

What information can I find on this find people website?

There is a variety of information you can find people online free using people search tools. It includes phone numbers, street addresses, property, court cases, legal allegations, marriage reports, business information, etc.

All the information is legit as they are fetched from public databases and with the help of national data agencies. It is important to use a reliable true people find tool to get authentic data when trying to find people fast and free.

Searching for people with Boddy

  • Find a person using the details you know
  • Find people by phone number
  • Search by name, location, or place of work
  • Search people you miss or do background checks on those you have recently met